Since the foundation in 2012, we have not quite sit still. Click through and discover how 4Silence has developed over the past years.

  1. Foundation 4Silence

    Ysbrand Wijnant founds 4Silence, based on his idea to realise noise reduction from traffic by diffracting elements.

  2. The first pilot projects

    The first pilot projects take place in the Dutch province Gelderland. And as a result: revolutionary values in the battle against traffic noise. The effect of the WHIS©Stone, the name of the diffracting element, is proven during these pilot projects. The first tests realised a noise reduction of 2.5 db. Combined with the silence asphalt, a reduction of 6.5 dB was even established.

  3. Optimization of the WHIS©Stone

    The WHIS©Stone is optimized. Sustainability, control, maintenance and safety are implemented. The start of the WHIS©Stone is executed in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and the RiVM to implement the concept of diffraction of noise in the legislation.

  4. Working on innovation

    A new product has been developed: a noise barrier with a height of 90 cm provided with a diffracting element. This product is tested in collaboration with region Overijssel. Again the accomplished results are very promising. During the pilots, a noise reduction of around 9 dB has been obtained. This result is comparable to a noise barrier with a height of around 2,5 cm. The benefit of 4Silence’s solution is that the view is not obstructed. Also we expect that the costs will be halved.

  5. An acknowledged method

    A team of acoustic experts, (TNO, M+P, DgMR, DB-Vision, Rijkswaterstaat, en Prorail) works together on a regulation so the 4Silence method can be applied as an acknowledged method.

  6. In the future market introduction will be central. We will focus on applying our systems in the battle against traffic noise.

Reducing noise pollution caused by traffic

4Silence stands for reducing noise pollution by traffic. Sustainable noise reduction, innovative solutions, scientifically founded, proven results. The Whisstone is the first, but certainly not the last innovation that we have developed.

Pilot projects at Rijkswaterstaat and in different regions of The Netherlands has shown that the Whisstone is able to realise noise reductions from more than 3 dB. As a result, it is one of the three most suitable solutions for reducing traffic noise.

Next to absorbing noise by means of silence asphalt and retaining noise with a sound wall, the Whisstone is the newest global innovation for diffracting noise.

Different scientific studies show that noise pollution caused by traffic is not only inconvenient. When people experience higher levels of stress or sleep badly due to the pollution, it is even damaging.

Whisstone video

We would like to explain step by step how the Whisstone contributes to the reduction of noise pollution. Click through and watch our video.