Traffic noise by road and train transport is not only inconvenient it can also be damaging. People can experience a higher level of stress or sleep badly because of the pollution. The 4Silence team works on sustainable, innovative and preferably simple solutions for this matter. That way we hope to improve the wellbeing of our society.

Under the leadership of acoustic scientist Ysbrand Wijnant and entrepreneur Eric de Vries, the 4Silence team looks at innovative and complementary solutions to existing applications such as ZOAB and noise barriers.

4Silence developed as a start-up from the University of Twente, that is strong in technologic developments with a social relevance: High Tech – Human Touch. Therefore, sustainability, innovativeness and scientifically founded are high on the agenda of 4Silence.

As acoustic scientist I work hard on innovative solutions to reduce traffic noise. We are proud on the developments we have gone through.

Ysbrand Wijnant CTO

With a driven and professional team we work hard on putting suitable solutions against noise pollution on the market.

Eric de Vries CEO